Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time flies when you are having fun!

December 19 was my last blog post - really?  I would love to argue the point but the internet doesn't lie.  At least, I don't believe the dates lie.  I'm confident there are many, MANY lies on the internet - just try googling Elvis Presley and see what you get.  I'm pretty sure you can find someone who is certain the King is alive an well!

So, here is a quick catch up from the last four plus months:

1)  Christmas came and went.  We were in our own home for the second Christmas after decades of Christmas times spent in Kentucky.  It didn't seem as strange this year but the emptiness remains.  I miss my momma and daddy terribly at this time and having no one that can now talk with me about my childhood Christmases is a very significant truth to accept.  That said, Stu, Mattie, and Augy were there for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and we were happy and blessed!

2)  New Year's Eve - the crud overtook me about 8pm  that evening and kept me squarely in bed on the big New Year's Day holiday.  The end.

3)  Nothing terribly significant in January or February.  Well, except, it snowed.  This is Georgia people - we document every snowfall with pictures - lots of pictures!

4)  March 1st took me to Austin, TX for a professional conference.  I LOVE that city.  It helps that my niece and her family are there and they met us at the airport, took me to a fabulous BBQ joint for dinner and then I got to go back to their home and walk around in their sweet world for an hour or so. It was a special time and I can't wait to go back with Mack and spend some quality time with them.

The conference was good one on training ad we got to stay at the very recently opened J.W. Marriott downtown which was also a pretty cool treat.  We walked around downtown Austin one evening and enjoyed some of the cool shops.  Fun fact - the first Whole Foods was in Austin and we saw that landmark as well!

 Anthropologie - Austin - no additional words needed

JW Marriott lobby - lemons in the water - pretty fancy
I took a few quick trips to Nashville in March - the first with Mack to help move Stu and Mattie into their new little bungalow home.  So cute and so much better for them than being in an apartment with their little family.  A few weeks later I went back for Mattie's baby shower and got to spend some time with her and her sweet friends and family.

Those cake pops were adorable - they had baby cowboy boots!

I love this girl and her goofy faces!

5)  It's April now and here's the scoop on this month.  Easter arrived early in the month and we were blessed to have lunch with dear friends who are family.  Lacie got a new Easter toy and she may just be the happiest gift receiver in our home.  Stu and Mattie celebrated their first anniversary on April 19th and Stu turned 30 on April 24th.  I am working to figure out how I'm going to explain it when he is soon older than I claim to be! :)

Lacie and her Easter duck - she keeps her toys very close!

So now you are caught up and I know it has been overwhelming to see such an exciting life. 

Stay tuned for more - hopefully soon!


  1. Hi Suzanne! I'm back to blogging after hit and miss for 2 years. I have missed it a lot! It's good to catch up with you here since I'm not on IG as much anymore. Now I need a newer update, lol! Hope life is going well for you. Have a delightful week~

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