Wednesday, March 1, 2017

And two years later....

At one point, I thought this blog would serve as an on-going electronic journal of my life but I never really was disciplined enough to write on a consistent basis.  There was a period of time when it was a little easier because my story needed actual written words to be real, even to me, and then I'm pretty sure I didn't want to see those words for a while.  You keep thinking life will settle down, drama will become a distant memory, and.....

So March 1, 2017 arrived at about 12 hours ago and for the first time that I can honestly remember, I was grateful that a month was over and done with.  February, 2017 was not an easy month.  I've lived long enough to recognize the blessings and gifts that come in the midst of hard times, but those hard times seemed to hammer our hearts pretty regularly for 28 days.  Here is a glimpse of what our month looked like:

February 1 - spent the evening with my BFF supporting her as we watched her daddy prepare to meet his Lord and Savior.

February 3 - He met Jesus 

February 6 - Funeral

February 12 - spent the evening saying goodbye to two people who have become family to us as they prepared to head towards Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore the next morning, desperate for help for an incredibly special 10-year old little boy with several medical and emotional issues.

February 12 - we got word my husband's brother passed away in South Georgia

February 13 - the most awful flu I've had in 35 years took me out in about a 30 minute window.

February 14 - 15 - 16 - Completely out of the game with the flu - in the bed trying to survive :) while still taking care of our fur babies because my husband was in south Georgia attending his brother's funeral.  Also, texting and talking with our loved ones in Baltimore who were going through horrific issues trying to get treatment 

February 18 - we noticed our beloved dog, Lacie's "rear-end parts" did not look right and made an appointment on Monday with the vet

February 20th - vet appointment.  Lacie has anal gland cancer - we probably have about a month with her.  Hearbroken.

February 22nd - one of my closest friends winds up in the ER with on-going GI issues but is sent home after receiving fluids, etc.

February 26 - she goes back to the ER and is admitted and is still there as they attempt to find answers.

February 28th - our "family" in Baltimore calls to say that insurance has quit paying for treatment and they are on their way to pick up our little buddy even though he is no where near ready to be released.  We also get word that my friend in the hospital locally is not responding to medications/antibiotics as they hope.  Still searching for answers.

Thank you, God, for a new month and a new beginning.  Through each and every moment of the last 28 days, You have been faithful and you have been enough.  We stand on faith that you will create a new thing and we will choose joy.