Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lord will fight for you - you have only to be still...........

This verse from Exodus 14:14 comes from Moses reassuring the people of Israel that they would make it through the absolutely insurmountably challenge they were facing - crossing the Red Sea.  In my mind, I see all these people standing at the water's edge, only able to see water for as far out as they could see, and knowing and probably hearing (at least in their minds) the soldiers gaining on them and getting ready to crash through the trees and bushes (again in my mind) in back of them.   My heart actually begins to get a little anxious even as I type this scenario.  They have done all they can do, they have run and pushed as far as they can push to get ahead, they can almost see freedom in front of them BUT there is nothing left for them to do now except wait to be captured.  

I don't know about you, but I've felt that way a few too many times in recent months.  If you haven't figured it out by now, I am one who will push and fight and go as long as I can possibly go in my own strength to make the way smooth and perfect for my family, and if I am honest, for myself.

What is more embarrassing to me is that I KNOW my own strength isn't sufficient, I KNOW how desperately I need God's strength, I KNOW trying to do it on my own is a form of arrogance and pride, and I KNOW how to counsel others to let go and let God............I just haven't figured out how to let go of my own stuff. And so, God continues to love me through it and to show me that His faithfulness is unconditional and enough.

It's March 27 and three weeks for this coming Saturday, my baby boy is getting married to girl of his dreams.  I cannot speak the words that tell you how faithful God has been to allow my heart to already adore this young woman.  I love her, I want to protect her and make her world pretty and safe.  I want her son to know that he can always count on us and that we will move heaven and earth to make sure he too is safe and loved.  I do it all on my own again.  Sigh.

So, I am getting ready to do something I haven't done in at least two years.  I am taking a four day weekend with no plans written into it except getting my new washer/dryer on Saturday which is a most wonderful thing and the only thing that will keep us from having to buy yet more new underwear, and I am going to rest and be still.  Don't get me wrong - there are many, many things I hope to accomplish but I am going to rest while I do them.  I am going to do my very best to be still and to allow God to fight on my behalf.  I am trusting in Him and believing He is able.

I will let you know how it goes.    By the way, who knew two white metal things could make one girl so very excited!! :)