Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Year and a New Word - Abundance

It's a new year and we are already 22 days into January, 2014!  

2013 was definitely a year of transition......... 
A year dealing with and learning how to live without my parents here on this earth any longer and waiting for the call that meant I needed to head to Kentucky.....

A year where my only baby boy moved to another state........

My husband had hip replacement surgery 

Our home got such much needed and much loved TLC

 We went on our first cruise!

My position at work continued to ramp up with more responsibility and more opportunities to grow and learn 

A year filled with moments with young women I love

An amazing car of my dreams 

And finally, an engagement and the promise of new Mitchell family members.

There were so many wonderful moments in 2013 and some of the most difficult I have faced in this life time.  Cleaning out my parents' home and walking away from that house was absolutely as hard as burying them.  The blessing is that my home is now filled with precious physical memories that make me smile on a regular basis.  

So, back to the fact that it is 2014 and I want this to be a year full of days spent in the present, savoring what is, not what was or what is going to be.  There IS going to be a wedding in three months and there is planning to do for that, but still, I want to live in the moment now.  I want to breathe deep, recognize the abundance that is my life, and take the time to give thanks for it all.  

I'm working on it.