Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bathroom stall etiquette - this is important stuff!

One of the reasons I began this blog was to eventually share my heart with young women in an effort to help them see themselves as enough, to share mountaintop and deep valley experiences, and to teach things that my mom taught me but that many young women today have not had the privilege to learn - either because their mom isn't around or because those random learnings may have just been missed.

Bathroom stall etiquette is definitely a teaching that has been sorely lacking in many of today's young women! :)  Working in the Grand Chalet at WinShape Retreat in the summer involves sharing the Women's restroom with several college-aged young women.  There are three stalls in the bathroom - the first two are regular ones and the last one is a bit larger and equipped for physically challenged individuals.  If you go in and no one else is in there, you have a great choice - the first or the third.  Do NOT take the middle stall because if someone else comes in, they have no option but to plop down next to you.  If you come into the restroom and someone is in the first or the third stall - take the other one (first or third).  Again, do NOT take the middle stall and plop down next to someone else if it isn't absolutely necessary.  The middle stall should always be reserved for when all three stalls are in use and there are no other options.  Think about it - doesn't it drive you crazy when you are in the middle of a parking lot with open spots all around you and someone parts in the spot RIGHT next to you??  See, it is the same thing with bathroom stalls.  Think about that the next time you walk in a multi-stall facility. :)

You now are the owner of some new pretty important information!

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