Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seriously, what happened to September?

It is October 1st - seriously?  A few years back, I began to thank God for specific days. You know, like "Thank you God for Monday, September 30 2013".  I said those words yesterday and actually began to choke up.  Totally threw me for a loop - did not expect that.  

In some ways, I think I've just thought it would be a good idea to get this year over - get through all those "firsts" again.  Still, I just don't think I thought it would go SO fast.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fall.  I wait for it beginning January 1st of every year.  Every year I also make a deal with myself to slow down and really enjoy the fall days.  Every year, I wake up and it's December 1st and fall is done.  This year was going to be different - my life looks different this fall without mom and her care.  There should be time.  Tell that to September - totally gone and I didn't even really know it was here.

I can give you many reasons why October and November will feel the same way - lots of life going on, a wedding to help plan (that is a whole 'nother post), and a house that was full before I brought home a whole lot of what was in my parents' home.  So.much.to.do.

I'm learning though, that the choice is mine most of time.  I wake up each morning and make a decision whether I will rush through every moment of the day, already anticipating what the next moment needs to look like OR choosing to live in the moment I am in.

Truth - I am not at all sure how I will do this month with my choices but I am going to try.  I desperately want to slow down, live in and cherish the moments, and just be grateful.

Thirty-one days to try.  I'm going to start with today.

Enjoy the moment!

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