Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It has been a crazy few weeks and so many thoughts have run through my mind. I recognize that when things are going well, I tend to believe that I can actually do life on my own and in my own strength. Don't get me wrong, I still send up severals "thanks" to God each day, I still see really, really apparent blessings that are in my path, and I, on occasion, will send a quick prayer asking for help for someone or something. If you ask me, I will quickly tell you that I recognize that only by His grace and mercy am I able to do what I do....and I believe it when I stop to think about it. Still, I continue on my merry way, pretty content with the way things are.

He reminds me how very wrong I am, how incapable I am on my own, and yet, grace and mercy still abound. Thank you God for gentle reminders, for not allowing me to fall flat on my face in my arrogance and pride. Please, please forgive me for that arrogance that just flows from me at times. Thank you that your love is unconditional and never failing.

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